Solid Color Orbits

Our orbit casings are available in over ten models that vary in shape, weight and size.The diverse selection equips each artist with their ideal orbit to perfect their flow.

There are a variety of different microlights available for orbit casings; Each microlight has unique functions and capabilities. 

Each casing comes in over 30 different colors to add a personal touch to your show. To purchase a solid colored orbit or to find out more information on each model click below.

Custom Orbits

Want an orbit that is unique to you? We have taken orbit casings to the next level with incredible customization options!

Customizable components: Trace, Cookie, Matrix, and Filling

To learn more and start customizing, click below.

Glitter Orbits

Give your casing an extra sparkle with these NEW glitter options!

Customizable components: Trace and Cookie

To learn more and start customizing, click below.

Pre-Made Orbits

Special Orbits

i.e X-type & Koru

Orbit Handles

Handles are the perfect upgrade to take your flow to the next level. Handles allow for a comfortable grip and open your flow to a whole new world of moves.

We offer the best selection of handles available, including Geminis and POM grips. Find the ideal size and balance for your orbit. Available in standard clear or custom colors!


Various string color options are available.

Batteries, microlights, screws, and other parts can be found here.


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