Podpoi V2

All new capsule 2.0 light features:

  • 64 customizable modes
  • full color spectrum with over 60 billion colors
  • super bright, custom high-temp LEDs, and global brightness control
  • accelerometer response
  • wireless control, syncing and connectivity
  • USB rechargeable and update-able
  • super durable & lifetime warranty

Podpoi design:

  • beautiful conscious design – non-toxic materials
  • soft silicone shell – cushy on impact
  • super durable – lifetime warranty

Tech Specs

  • Poi head weight:

    130g (weight is distributed towards the end of the poi head where it counts)

  • Size:

    118mm long and 66mm in diameter (4.6 x 2.6 inches)

  • Leash:

    with knob handle – the first leash system custom fabricated for poi spinning. Leash is adjustable from the handle end for a custom fit.

  • Material:

    Silicone shell and polycarbonate light capsule

  • Battery:

    3.5-4.2v, 750mAh rechargeable Li-ion

  • Micro-USB:

    Maximum power draw of 500ma

  • LEDs:

    4x super-bright RGB LEDs – total of 12 LEDs!

Comes with:

  • 1x pair of podpoi v2 with knobleashes w/ smithy cord
  • 1x 100% cotton podpoi® drawstring bag
  • 1x pair of micro-USB cables
  • many epic moments of flow and discovery



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