Ion Light Gloves Set

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  • Revolutionary Color Randomizer
  • Demo Loop (Lights will auto-cycle through all programmed modes)
  • 25% Brighter
  • Revamped Chip to Chip Communication 1.5 (C2C)
  • 38 Colors
  • 8 Flashing Patterns (Modes)
  • 8 Colors Per Mode
  • True Brightness Control
  • Battery Lock
  • Conjure Mode (Updated)
  • Demo View
  • Factory Reset
  • And to top it off, it’s the same nano size as the Atoms!

The Randomizer:

Everyone struggles at one point or another creating color sets to match the flashing pattern that’s been selected. When using the Ions, the brand new Randomizer lets you generate random color sets for any of the 8 Flashing Patterns. It’s as simple as clicking over to the pattern you wish to change, entering Randomizer mode, and clicking until you find what you love! Once you like a specific color set, simply use Chip to Chip Communication to send the programming over to the rest of your lights.

What’s Included?!

10x Ion chips
10x FL Casings (Installed)
20x CR1225 Batteries (Installed)
10x Diffusers (Installed)
1x FL Pouch
1x Pair Of Premium FL Magic Stretch Gloves
1x Instruction Manual

The Ions use CR1225 batteries.



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