Glitterbomb90 Contact Poi



Handmade in the USA, these contact poi aka pendulum poi are durable, handle great, and will take your poi spinning to new levels, with an added sprinkling of pixie dust.

The 90mm spheres are made with phthalate-free pvc and custom blended glitter.

Designed for beginners through advanced poi spinners.

Comes with:
Two sparkly poi spheres, adjustable leashes made with 6mm supple smithy rope, and poi knobs (handles).

Custom-blended glitter colors:

  • Fire: red, orange & gold
  • Air: holographic silver
  • Water: azure, electric cyan & silver
  • Earth: green, bronze, gold
  • Love: rose, fuchsia, silver

poi head weight: 150g
smithy rope diameter: 6.5mm



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